I took a Design class from the local community college and our assignment was to take a picture (2D) and make it 3D. Understanding her tortured art, and combining it with my love for nature, I used Frida Kahlo’s 1940 self portrait in which she added dragonfly-flowers hovering above her head, both left and right, a mum and a fuchsia. I made them into necklaces using silver, copper, brass, and seed beads. From the first two, the series grew. Every few years I bring a new Dragonflower into existence.
Iris Dragonflower - $1195

Sterling silver, NuGold, amethyst chips, purple baroque pearls.

Hangs 18”
The Clover Dragonflower - $1395

Sterling silver and 24k gold.

Hangs 16”
Fuchsia Dragonflower - $425

Sterling silver, copper, brass, seed beads, bugle beads.

Hangs 18”
Mum Dragonflower